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  • Unique and colorful pixel art.
  • 10 Carefully laid out handmade levels.
  • Objective system that keeps you entertained for hours.
  • Sidekick feature that adds a touch of strategy to each run.
  • Hundreds of upgrades for your ship.
  • Carefully balanced and non-grindy progression.
  • Random collectibles that give you another extra boost.
  • Fun achievements that unlock rewards.
  • Outstanding guitar infused chiptune soundtrack.
  • Local Multiplayer, let a friend control your wingman. (not on mobile)

Hyper Echelon

Hyper Echelon is a vertical shooter with a modern progression structure and tons of satisfying upgrades. To advance, you must do more than survive.

Each level has four specific objectives that require different strategies to complete, which makes repeated playthroughs a joy. As the hotshot space pilot Taz, you’ll take control of the Titan, a small star fighter with surprising firepower.

But if you want to unlock its full potential, you’ll have to collect Gold Parts and purchase hundreds of incremental upgrades in order to improve 8 different ship components. You’re going to need that firepower in order to liberate the Cyan galaxy from mysterious invaders called the Exodon.

Luckily, you’ll make friends along the way who often come to aid your fight with the unique sidekick feature.